DCB Supports Family Compass at 4th Annual North Star Luncheon

Dallas Capital Bank was honored to support Family Compass at its 4th Annual North Star Luncheon on April 25th during Child Abuse Prevention Month. The event supports the mission of Family Compass to build healthy families and a strong North Texas community by preventing child abuse and neglect.

The featured speaker at the event was Elizabeth Smart, who at age 14 made international news when she was abducted and held captive for nine months. In the years since her rescue, Elizabeth has risen as a child safety activist, advocating for missing persons and survivors of sexual assault.

During Family Compass’ North Star Luncheon, Elizabeth shared her incredible insights about resiliency, empathy, and empowerment. Her powerful reflections on how she coped with the horror she endured continues to inform her actions as an advocate for others.

The final three insights that Elizabeth shared for the luncheon attendees to consider are outlined below:

1. Each of us is surviving life in whatever way that looks like for us.  We are all unique and special.

2. There isn’t anything anyone else can do to take away our individual value.

3. As unfair as life can be, it does not have to define us.

Elizabeth Smart

“We are so honored to have Elizabeth Smart as our keynote speaker for the North Star Luncheon this year. She is truly an inspiration to us all as an advocate against sexual violence, including prevention, recovery and advocacy.” - Ona Foster, CEO of Family Compass 

Established in 1992, Family Compass envisions a world in which all children are safe in their homes and communities. As the largest agency in North Texas dedicated solely to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, Family Compass has a significant, ongoing impact on the lives of children and families within our community.

Prevention is what makes the mission of Family Compass stand out – the agency seeks to stop child abuse and neglect before it takes root. Family Compass helps children at-risk for abuse by providing parents with in-home mentoring, education, support, and tools to aid them in building a future that is meaningful and secure.

Research shows that lowering stress, educating on best practices around healthy parenting, and helping people improve their living conditions stops child abuse and neglect. Family Compass leverages accredited, evidence-based curriculum that addresses child development and building positive parent-child relationships. In 2018, Family Compass was honored with the Blue Ribbon Affiliate Endorsement for delivering high-quality services to children and families.

Dallas Capital Bank is proud to serve Family Compass with a broad range of financial services. In addition, Dallas Capital Bank’s Managing Director of Commercial Real Estate Banking, Patrick Brown, currently serves on the Family Compass Board of Directors. 

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