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Checking & Savings

For clients who desire a higher level of personal expertise, and a greater rate of return, our private banking is an ideal choice for your personal banking needs. Our private-label checking provides the return rate of a money-market fund, with the attentive, high-touch service of an experienced financial expert.


Your money will remain secure and accessible whenever and wherever you need it. We will work with you to manage and simplify your daily monetary operations. In addition to these conveniences, we have processes in place to quickly identify identity fraud and ensure quick resolution.


Not all savings accounts are created equal. Because your peace-of-mind is our main priority, we will help you identify the savings account that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Bill Pay

Clean out the paper clutter, and have your bills paid on time, every time. For your convenience and peace-of-mind, we provide online bill pay options that are simple and reliable, ensuring your funds are safe, and your bills are paid.

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Credit & Debit Cards

Accessibility and convenience is essential, so with your Dallas Capital Bank ATM or Debit Card, you have the protection, security and ease of 24/7 banking.

Whatever you want from your credit card, we have numerous options to suit your needs.

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Sound financial judgment. Customized financing options. Our experienced team takes the time to understand your needs so we can tailor a solution for you. What makes our customized loans a smart option isn’t just the variety of competitive rates and benefits – it’s the guidance you get with us.

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Certificates of Deposit

If your goal is to earn a greater rate of return over a specific amount of time, our Certificates of Deposit may be the right choice for you. CDs remain a popular choice among clients interested in short-term and longer-term savings.


Dallas Capital Bank is an FDIC-insured member of the nationwide CDARS®, or Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®, Network of financial institutions. This allows us to offer you the advantages of CDARS®. When you deposit a large amount with us, we can place your funds into certificates of deposit issued by other banks in the CDARS® Network in increments under the standard FDIC insurance maximum, allowing both principal and interest to be eligible for FDIC coverage.

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