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Up-to-date, accurate data analysis is critical to your business operations. Our treasury management technology delivers fast, accurate, and consolidated information. And our expert business banking team is prepared to notice trends, find opportunities, and help you get the most from your report.

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Disbursement Services

Our technologically-advanced disbursement services empower you to reduce costs, maintain control, and optimize cash flow. Clients can receive scheduled notifications of checks presented on your account through our Positive Pay service, to help protect against identity theft and fraud.

Business Bill Pay

Make it simple to manage and pay your expenses. Transfer funds electronically for an array of business purposes; you can also set payment dates. ACH Automated Clearing House transactions are a great way to control recurring expenses with a convenient and predictable payment schedule. Less check writing also means increased security.

Wire Transfer

Quickly and easily initiate the transfer funds nationally and internationally from your selected accounts. Using our eWire technology, you can initiate and approve your wires online for fast and efficient processing. Dallas Capital Bank processed over 20,000 wire transfers last year, and over $5 billion of funds, with rapid execution and robust fraud controls.


With the current number of checks cleared annually at well over 65 billion, the volume of paper transactions continues to increase. While the traditional check clearing system functions well, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) can provide greater efficiency. ACH provides a reliable, efficient and cost-effective system for originating and receiving payments electronically. Dallas Capital Bank processed nearly 1 million ACH transactions last year, and provides clients seamless access to ACH services, including ACH Positive Pay, a leading fraud prevention product. We are the small bank which operates with the sophistication of a big bank.

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Receivables Solutions

Remote Deposit

Deposit paper checks without a trip to the bank using Dallas Capital Bank’s remote deposit solution, increasing efficiency and freeing up resources for higher value tasks.

Lock Box

Streamline your accounts receivables with our secure Lock Box service, which can cut hours, even days, out of your collections process. By automating manual processes and speeding remittances, Lock Box services can improve productivity, and overall cash flow.

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Liquidity Management

Our liquidity management solutions ensure you have cash available to handle both expected and unexpected payments. Guided by our commercial and personal banking experts, working closely with our Treasury Management team, we empower clients with educated forecasting, risk management, and open communication. We will address your actual and potential cash needs, determine alternative and contingent funding sources, and develop plans that maintain accessibility to cash and short-term investments.


Dallas Capital Bank is an FDIC-insured member of the nationwide CDARS®, or Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®, Network of financial institutions. This allows us to offer you the advantages of CDARS®. When you deposit a large amount with us, we can place your funds into certificates of deposit issued by other banks in the CDARS® Network in increments under the standard FDIC insurance maximum, allowing both principal and interest to be eligible for FDIC coverage.


With ICS®, the Insured Cash Sweep® service, you can secure your large deposits while maintaining access to funds. Plus, earn interest on funds placed into demand deposit accounts or money market deposit accounts.

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Fraud Protection

Business today demands advanced, vigilant protection against payment fraud and error. With Dallas Capital Bank, you’ll get the unwavering peace-of-mind of our advanced protection systems. We provide additional controls and transaction monitoring tools that go beyond established security practices.

Resources to Prevent Fraud & Identity Theft

Download Trusteer
Video: Don’t Be an Online Victim – How to Guard Against Internet Thieves & Electronic Scams
Video: What To Do If You’re A Victim of Identity Theft
Online Quiz: “Can you spot a scam?”
Internet Crime Complaint Center
FBI Common Fraud Schemes
Federal Trade Commission

If you notice suspicious account activity or experience customer information security-related events, please contact us immediately at (972) 391-6800

Liability: The Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) Article 4A, applies to funds transfers by commercial customers, and it has been adopted in one form or another in most states. In general, and with certain exceptions, the UCC allocates the loss for unauthorized funds transfer to the customer if the bank has adopted commercially reasonable security procedures. Business customers should understand that the UCC does not place the loss arising from unauthorized funds transfers on a bank in all instances. Business customers should educate themselves on the UCC’s allocation of liability.

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